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emissions trading

What do the recession and energy efficiency have in common?

Both are making EU policy makers think twice about releasing the planned volumes of emissions allowances within the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS).

The European Commission’s 2050 Low Carbon Roadmap raised the possibility of ‘setting-aside’ a number of EU Allowances, the permits that are required by heavy polluters in the EU ETS. 

Global cap and trade progress

A new World Bank initiative, Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR), could see some less economically developed countries launch market-based controls for greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) sooner than expected. 

In the large western economies, however, progress with emissions trading schemes (ETS) has been slow. Largely as a result of lack of government consensus and intense industry lobbying . 

ETS airline trade war

At the recent International Air Transport Association (IATA) conference in Singapore tension flared between the EU and world airlines over the extension of the EU emissions trading scheme to include aviation from 1 January 2012.

EU ETS Phase III: the new rules of the game

The EU ETS will soon go through a second round of changes. Initial improvements were made at the start of Phase II of the scheme, which started in 2008. With the third phase due to start in 2013, the EU has taken the opportunity to introduce some new rules of the game.

Impact of hackers stealing €45m of carbon credits

Since the start of the year, the EU carbon market has been disrupted, as registries have been closed as a result of hacker attacks. In total over three million carbon credits were stolen from governments and firms participating in the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS). 

Problems started on 10th January, when the Austrian emissions registry closed due to a cyber-attack. It was later discovered that 488,000 credits had been stolen from an Austrian government account.

Maximising the efficiency of the CRC

Click here to download the report. 

Click here for a response to the Government consultation on this issue.

Help us maximise the efficiency of the CRC 

Maximising the efficiency of the CRC - Response to Government


As the CRC currently stands, any emissions reductions [my company] achieves from reductions in electricity consumption will not result in net global emissions reductions. This is because fewer EU Allowances will be purchased by energy companies, meaning more are available to other sectors. These emissions will be displaced, not eliminated.

CRC now a Carbon Tax

The Government yesterday announced a change to the Carbon Rediuction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) that means medium and large businesses will end up paying £1bn per year in a carbon tax that has the potential to create no net reduction in greenhouse gases.

Carbon Retirement director Jane Burston writing articles for Ethical Corporation

Carbon Retirement’s Director Jane Burston will be writing monthly articles on carbon trading, carbon pricing and the offsetting market for Ethical Corporation. 

Ethical Corporation provide business intelligence for sustainability, and produce a leading responsible business magazine and independent research reports, as well as host conferences recognised as the best in the field of corporate responsibility. 

Will China lead the world towards a global carbon market?

Emission trading is taking a funny turn.  Having long been the policy mechanism of choice for the governments of developed countries, plans for emission trading schemes are falling by the wayside due to powerful industry lobbies and vocal climate sceptics fuelling public opposition.  


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